Day: April 29, 2020

Zoey’s Bakehouse

From VFX designer of Oscar-winning films to a full-time baker

Here’s the incredible story Poonam Maria’s Zoey’s Bakehouse

Zoey’s Bakehouse proudly owned by Poonam Maria treats your taste pallets with utmost authenticity of their flavorsome Cakes. Whether it is your …


Hyderabad’s Powerhouse Organics company


Going healthy doesn’t have to mean eating bland food. ‘Vibrant Living by Sridevi Jasti’ thrives on this idea. With a master’s degree in community nutrition from Toronto, Sridevi Jasti is leading …

Why TinMen couldn’t make it big?

Dabbawalas are a famous and successful lunchbox delivery and return system that was established ages back in our country, relieving many working-class worry-free about their lunchboxes delivery and return. TinMen, started by Mukesh Manda and Chaitanya Degala in August 2015, …

Thomas Zacharias

From a timid introverted kid to an Executive Chef of The Bombay Canteen

From being a timid introverted kid to an Executive Chef of The Bombay Canteen, it’s indeed an inspiring story of Thomas Zacharias. Thomas Zacharias, dearly known as …


Revolutionized the way you eat!

Few individuals make things easy for themselves, whereas there are a few who always think about others before them. The trio Sriharsha Majety, Nandan Reddy, and Rahul Jamini come under the latter group. While the …


Meet India’s first zero waster juice bar – Eat Raja.

Eat Raja has taken waste management to a new level by operating under a zero-waste ethos, meaning they do not send any trash or food waste that enters their business …

Mehnaz Hussain

A Self Taught Baker

Mehnaz Hussain loves to give your taste pallets a homely nostalgia. She started baking when she was 11. She used to live in Canada with her parents, who are still there. After getting married, Mehnaz came …

Culinary culture

Talking about the biggest religion of India – Food!

The diversity of India is reflected in not only its religion or language but also the culinary customs. The common thing that binds each one of us is “food.” The religions …

Epigamia spreads

Add a life to your breads with a whole new range of Epigamia spreads

Do you sometimes sit and wonder how two of your favorite food ingredients can come together to make a fantastic combination? If yes, Epigamia should be …

Monsoon Harvest

Ready to make healthy breakfast options!


You will never skip your breakfast!


Be it students, job holders, or anyone else who has time in today’s world? With everyone being so busy these days, readymade/ ready to make food …

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