Rethinking Retail

While a pandemic is still looming at large, our attention is brought to the threatening effect that it has on lives of people and their livelihood, consequently. It has also brought back our attention to the vital role that grocery …

A Fallen Trade

Due to the lockdown perpetuated by covid-19, the mango trade in Bengal had already suffered a major hit. Social distancing and confinement to a certain degree made cultivation of mangoes extremely difficult this year. Every year, West Bengal produces around …

Epigamia spreads

Add a life to your breads with a whole new range of Epigamia spreads

Do you sometimes sit and wonder how two of your favorite food ingredients can come together to make a fantastic combination? If yes, Epigamia should be …

Monsoon Harvest

Ready to make healthy breakfast options!


You will never skip your breakfast!


Be it students, job holders, or anyone else who has time in today’s world? With everyone being so busy these days, readymade/ ready to make food …

N Cold Pressed

Enjoy the goodness of natural juices

While some of us are tea people, others are coffee people, but what about the ones who are neither? Some people can’t take the extra calories and sugar preservatives that come along the tea …

And nothing else

If nothing else – and nothing else!  – “If you want to be trusted, be honest.”

When you are running errands, busy with chores, attending long meetings, or in any given busy situation, what would be your go-to snack? Something …


healthy snack in a pack!

Pop goes the corn – the yummy flavors coming out of the tiny kernels, filling the air with its different aromas like butter, caramel, salted, and more makes you drool for more. Popicorn is all …

Snackible’s Yummy Snacks

Your companion between meals

That daunting time between lunch and dinner is long enough to make our stomach grumble. Unlike being at home with an abundance of choices to eat, sitting in an office or school makes it more difficult …

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