Koreanfood_Hyd is an Instagram page from where you can order traditional and popular Korean food. The mouthwatering Korean delights prepared by a Hyderabadi fan girl are much in demand amongst the K-fans

Her craze for all things Korean led Ramsha Sardar Unnisa, a 17-year-old Bcom student from Madina Degree College to start her small food business. “I was inspired to start a Korean food business after fangirling over BTS and what they eat” She shares. “I then contacted some of my friends in Seoul to enquire about Korean cuisine. I then started practicing various Korean recipes; my entrepreneurial journey had started from there.”

She offers Jajangmyeon (Noodles in Black Bean Sauce), Tteokbokki (Stir fried rice cakes), Hotteok (Korean style sweet pancake) and many other korean dishes that are usually seen in Kdramas.

Recently, she has also put up her own stall at a local exhibition, which garnered a lot of praise. With demand increasing from her customers, she plans on expanding her menu as soon as possible.

Ramsha was first unsure if she would be able to handle all the orders that came in as well as maintain her business social media handle as well. Her sister, who is also a BTS fan, plays a huge role and had supported her during times of stress.

“I’ve started the business just 3 months back after observing the sudden rise in demand for mouth- watering korean food” mentions Ramsha. The pandemic was in a way a boom period for this young entrepreneur as more and more people started watching Korean dramas. This in turn increased the Korean food craze in the market.

As Korean Food is pacing up in the market, she plans on continuing serving Korean Delights in Hyderabad. Thankfully, Ramsha hasn’t faced any criticism from people. Elaborating on it, she says “All my customers are more than satisfied with what I serve, their appreciation keeps me going; Infact I’ve gotten so many requests from people in other cities to put up a stall, even if it’s for a day!”

She advises youngsters who want to start their own food business to just go with flow and use their time fruitfully. “I’m always ready to help anyone who’s new to the food business and I am also open to collaborations,” she says.

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