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Rujuta Diwekar says, ‘Stay Local, Eat Seasonal’

Traditional food khaiye, cultural food khaiye,” says nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar shares in her book ‘Secrets of Good Health‘, now on Audible as audiobook

Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar is one of the few book writers and food experts who has utilised the digital space most effectively to reach out to her followers, and in the process has gained a lot more followers and her book sales too have gone up significantly in the last couple of years.

Rujuta Diwekar’s diet plan demystifies healthy food and gives mostly easy to follow, not so expensive solutions, closer to home kind of solutions make her reach out to a wider segment of the Indian population encompassing the middle and upper-middle class too.

Her latest book ‘Secrets of Good Health’ is available as audiobook on ‘Audible’ including 12 clips each on around 20 minutes covering the most basic yet important topics like ‘what to eat and when to eat; How much to Eat; What must kids eat; the role of exercising etc.,’

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted various aspects of our lives taking a toll on physical health and mental well-being for many. Rujuta shares a few tips to get back on health bandwagon.

How to start your day?

The right way to start your day is to begin it by eating fruit of soaked almonds or soaked raisins with two saffron strands according to the famous nutritionist. She says this will improve health in the long run.

How to reduce weight must be the least of your goals.

Diet Plan for weight loss is not your goal, instead focus on reducing stress and get rid of ignorance and gain useful knowledge on health and fitness says Rujuta. “Body weight is not an indicator of fatness or fitness; it only shows what’s the relationship between Earth’s gravitational force with your body mass! So if we want to be healthy and beautiful it’s necessary to understand that good health has nothing to do with body weight, rather one should commit to healthy habits like exercise, good sleep and eating right!”

Eat local food:

The nutritionist always suggests that one must eat food that is as locally available as possible. Sustainable eating is also about ppr that is available within 100 km of radius, for example grains like ragi. It is economical practice and environmental friendly. And seasonal foods are the best like watermelons during summers.

Ghee is healthy food:

Ghee will make me fat” is a myth!  A teaspoon of ghee in every meal including lunch, dinner and breakfast helps in providing fat-soluble vitamins like Vitamin D, A, E, K to the body! Rujuta recommends Ghee to dissolve fat? Wow!

Reduce screen time, especially during the Covid 19 Pandemic

During the oandemic we have started using our gadgets for longer length of time. Its important to keep those gadgets away and reduce your screen time. Especially while having food one must keep mobile phones or any other gadgets away.

Exercise boosts health and mood: Like food and good diet, proper exercise too is important for a healthy lifestyle. Rujuta shares, Exercise has four pillars: Strength, Stamina, Stability and Stretching. Rujuta Diwekar says that every one  must do  atleast 30 minutes of exercise or 3 hours a week “Always remember to do a warm-up followed by a high-intensity workout and then other exercises and end with a cool down.”

Good sleep compliments healthy diet and helps body recover: For sound sleep eat wholesome food, like a banana, between 4 PM-6 PM, reduce stress, and have dinner by 8 PM. Rice (local and hand pounded/single polished rice) and anti-inflammatory drinks like turmeric milk (with 2 cashews, a pinch of jaifal and 2-3 kesar strands) are good for sound sleep.

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