Commerce graduate Nyla founded ‘Sweet Tooth by Nyla’ during the pandemic. She sells what she calls a ‘happy dessert’- phirni in delicious flavours and made using organic ingredients

A commerce graduate, who was always interested in the food space, turned into a successful small business owner. Nyla makes the most authentic and delicious Phirnis, and she turned her passion into founding ‘Sweet Tooth by Nyla’.

What started as a casual way to brighten up her locality residents mood turned into a fresh business idea. It was last year, during the lockdown, when people all around were sad as they couldn’t their loved ones. Nyla wanted to lighten the mood of her locality and so she made Phirni and sent it to all the houses. That’s where her journey actually began. “As far as I know, no commercial food outlet has ever done justice to phirni. I thought, since I am really good at making this authentic dessert. I could start selling it.” Nyla set up her Instagram page and got herself registered with the FSSAI.

Initially, she started with just one flavor that is Zafraani Phirni and later introduced other varieties. ‘Sweet Tooth By Nyla’ has on the menu Gulabi Delight, kaddu, dry fruits and nuts, the best daily seller Badami pista and also the seasonal lychee, mango flavoured Phirni. “Every business has its ups and downs. Sometimes I get orders for hampers for friends or one big matka for the entire family”, Nyla explains.

A health freak herself, Nyla makes sure that she uses healthy and pure organic ingredients that she would use for herself; her phirnis have brown sugar in them. She plans on taking baby steps in growing her business starting with tie ups with restaurants in the near future. She advises budding food entrepreneurs to make sure that the quality of food is of prime importance. And, it’s absolutely important to believe in what you are selling.

She says phirini is a happy dessert. “Making Phirns gives me joy because every happy occasion calls for it, be it to cheer someone up or for when you get a nice result. There is just so much positivity that comes with selling a sweet like phirni,” she adds.

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