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The Nutraceutical Startup from Hyderabad – Fitday

With its large repository of nutritional, organic foods and protein-rich foods. Hyderabad-based nutraceutical Startup ‘Fitday’ aims to go pan-India.

“What sets Fitday apart is that we have created an ecosystem combining R&D, products and services to ensure health and wellness for all” – Suresh Raju, Founder

Fitday Private Limited is a private company that is a holistic nutraceutical start-up from Hyderabad, Telangana which was incorporated on 06 November, 2019. It is an omni-channel nutraceutical platform that is looking to strengthen its presence pan-India. The company has recently announced their plans to set up 50 brick & mortar stores across India by 2023 with an approximate investment of INR 600 million with simultaneously ramping up their online presence, it hopes to be the ultimate solution provider for those seeking a healthy and fulfilling life.

Suresh Raju Patapati, a graduate in Biotechnology and Masters in Business Management from the UK is the director of this venture. He says, “Fitday is a company that fits right in between the segment of Pharmaceuticals and Functional food i.e food that is healthy, keeps one in good shape, helps people who have any ailments and is anti -ageing in nature.”

The USP of Fitday Nutraceuticals is to try and create awareness of the idea of nutrition and a balanced diet, he adds. 

The Fitday family is passionate about science. It’s parent company, Genomelabs, uses extensive R&D to create products to serve the needs for a holistic life. Focusing on the very idea behind Fitday, the founder, Mr. Suresh Raju said, “According to reports, the food systems in many countries do not offer adequate nutrient outputs to fulfill health and nutritional needs. Nearly half of the world’s population is malnourished. Apparently, 840 million have insufficient intakes of protein/energy, and more than two billion people consume diets that are less diverse than 30 years ago, leading to deficiencies in micronutrients. Micronutrient malnutrition also referred to as ‘hidden hunger’ now afflicts more than 40% of the world’s population. Fitday addresses challenges of consuming only certain foods and cuisines over an extended period of time that will eventually lead up to an imbalance in the nutritional profile, paving way for health issues. To address these challenges they bring to us a wide variety of foods with varied nutritional profiles, for all ages. Various culinary options and ease of use are kept in mind while giving a choice of food options. The options can be easily introduced without making any major or abrupt changes to a person’s current dietary preferences. 

“Fitday deals with all the nutritional needs for every person of every age group and every walk of life, says the visionary behind the concept. Suresh briefs, “ In the nutraceutical market, 60 % of the market is currently occupied by the US alone and only 2% is occupied by India. It is  estimated that by 2025, the Indian market will stand at 20.6 billion dollars.” 

He also mentions that Covid has made people wiser, to think about eating the right food, balanced diet which increases the immunity, which will help them fight any ailment, Covid is giving alarm bells to each and every one of us. 

Product offerings

Fitday’s products intend to fill the various nutritional gaps identified and its large repository includes organic foods, protein-rich foods, rare types of honey and spreads, several nutritious snacks, and pantry staples. The company partners with brands that believe and practice the same principles as themselves – sourcing organic and locally grown produce and using authentic raw materials to create stellar products at affordable costs.

Free Diet Plan Offered

The company’s website, offers delivery all over India. It also has a completely free diet plan which isn’t automated; there are professional dieticians that check an individual’s parameters and send a personalized diet plan across. In the stores too, they have nutritionists that offer free counselling and free body composition analysis.

Expansion Plans

Elaborating on the expansion plans, Suresh says, ‘Our main focus is to make nutrition an equitable right. What sets Fitday apart is that we have created an ecosystem combining R&D, products and services to ensure health and wellness for all. Despite having launched in 2020 during the peak of the Coronavirus pandemic, the Genome Labs products alone on the Fitday platform reported INR 3 Crore in sales during the last fiscal year. By 2023, the company plans on expanding their horizons and has around 50 stores across India.

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