Bidri, the specialty restaurant at Marriott Hyderabad has launched a new menu with
North Indian flavor influences; ‘The Cuisine of Riyasats’ – inspired by Awadhi, Patiala,
Kapurthala, and Faridkot cooking.

The new menu at Bidri, a specialty restaurant at Marriott Hyderabad hotel highlights
the authenticity of North-Indian delicacies with a touch of luxury.
Master chef Taj who himself belongs to the northern side of India realized that there were
only a few restaurants here in Hyderabad that offer authentic North Indian riyasati food and
he wanted Hyderabad to taste the real flavors from the North. He devised a new menu,
which is enriched with all the northern flavors, and also includes special herbs that are
brought from the north especially for this menu, “This menu is very nostalgic and close to
my heart,” says Chef Taj.

Bidri by Marriott introduces a new menu inspired by North Indian flavors.

The new menu includes…
Dhania Kali Mirch ki Salmon – Norwegian Salmon, fresh coconut, coriander seed, black
pepper, orange relish.
Bhuney Murgh ke Pasandey – Chicken breast, Bengal gram flour, cheese, cream, hung
yogurt, pure saffron thread, royal cumin, cashew nut.
Kacche Kele ki Karari Tikki – Seared raw banana cake, peanut, cashew nut, hung yogurt.
Soya Chaap Lazeez – Soya, cheese, bell pepper, onion, mushroom, cashew nut, hung
yogurt, cream.
Nalli Nihari – Lamb shank, brown onion, yogurt, cashew nut, Bengal, gram flour, pure
saffron thread.
Phaldari Kofta Curry – Slow-cooked raw banana dumplings cooked in yogurt, onion,
tomato, cashew nut gravy.
Kacche Gosht ki Biriyani – Hyderabadi Specialty, slow-cooked baby lamb, saffron-scented
basmati rice along with our Bidri potli masala.
Dal Bidri – 24 hours braised black lentil, tomato, cream, butter, fenugreek.
Apple Jalebi Rose Ice Cream – Crispy apple fritter, chocolate soil, rose ice cream,
pistachio, cashew nut, coconut.

Shahi Tukda – Indian milk bread, saffron, pistachio, almond, cardamom, honey.
Paneer Pasanda – Awadhi stuffed cottage cheese preparation, house spices.

Bidri by Marriott introduces a new menu inspired by North Indian flavors.

Bidri has always prided itself in showcasing traditional dishes. In the present menu, one of
the Chef’s favorite is ‘Nalli Nihari’ which takes around 16 hours of preparation and is
typically served with ‘sheermal’ (a type of bread), which is traditionally served as a

Bidri by Marriott introduces a new menu inspired by North Indian flavors.

Nihari has several ingredients, which can’t be found here in the south and are brought and
hand-picked with patience and care from the north to bring the authentic flavors; the
sheermal served along with the ‘Nalli Nihari’ isn’t prepared in your regular clay tandoor, it
requires an iron tandoor as called as “Lohe ka tandoor”, shares Chef.
All these beautiful dishes are served in bidriware and unique metalware, with the striking
contrast of colors, with the glossy silver inlay being set off by the matt black metal.
The new menu surely entices you to dive into the rituals of riyasat to experience the
richness of Indian flavors and brighten up your taste buds.

They’re currently delivering their set menu on swiggy and are also available to make direct
deliveries via their “Marriott on wheels” program.

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