Friends Reunion: Here’s what you can eat while you watch

Friends Reunion: Here’s what you can eat while you watch

Only less than 3 hours to go for the FRIENDS reunion, after 18 whole years we get to see your favorite characters come together so here’s everything that you can do to make this reunion even more special. 

1. Make your favorite food from the show.

Go ahead and make yourself self Ross’ Sandwich and don’t forget to add the moist maker. Joey’s meatball subs another food that you can make yourself easily and have while watching the premiere. from Monica’s lasagna to Phoebe’s cookies and Rachel’s English trifle prep all you can. for something extra Throw yourself a cups and ice party like Phoebe to create a vibe. Here are few recipes that might help you.

Ross’ Thanksgiving sandwich 

Who can forget Ross’s favorite sandwich, involving Thanksgiving leftovers and a piece of gravy-soaked bread called the “moist-maker.” 

Chander’s Mac n Cheese.

As a kid, Chandler experienced a traumatizing Thanksgiving—and he’s hated the holiday ever since. In a flashback, Monica offers to make Chandler some mac and cheese, and since “the pilgrims didn’t eat it,” he agrees.

Hot Mockolate.

Desperate for money, Monica is tasked with coming up with ways to use mockolate—a synthetic chocolate substitute—for Thanksgiving. It’s a crumbly, bubbly and potentially dangerous product that doesn’t sit well with the rest of the crew.

Joey’s Meatball Sub 

Ross, Chandler, and Joey accompany Phoebe and her new police officer boyfriend, Gary, on a ride-along in Gary’s cop car. When they hear a car backfire, Joey dives down to protect his meatball sandwich, thinking the noise was a gunshot.

2. Create a vibe.

Add in some decor that is from the show. dress up all 90’s for the occasion like one of your favorite characters from the show or simply just wear your FRIENDS merchandise. 

3. Throw a watch party.

Of course, how can your premiere be complete with your friends? Since the current COVID situation the best you can do is throw a virtual watch party by streaming the show together. Or create get-together with your family and create your little Central Perk in the lounge room and enjoy the premiere. 

4. Test your FRIENDS knowledge.

Test your knowledge by playing some friends trivia to get in the mood before the premiere. Get on a zoom meeting. Play it together to enhance your experience.

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  1. On my way to prep myself for the premiere, loved all your suggestions! Could it get any better? *Chandler’s voice*

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