“Wine and cheese are ageless companions, like aspirin and aches, or June and the moon, or good people and noble ventures.”
M.F.K. Fisher

One of the best food pairings in the world is no doubt, wine and cheese. The combination however is not a recent development. In fact, during the First World War, the daily diet of French soldiers included Camembert cheese and half a liter of red wine. This may sound condescending when dealing with rations, but it had a practical reason: the problem of contaminated water made bottled wine a relatively safer option for soldiers.

The perfect cheese and wine combination truly conquer a person’s senses. But you just can’t pair any wine with a cheese variety of your choice. Cheese and wine are available both in fresh and aged forms, thus trying the wrong pair can turn out to be a bad experience for you. Thus choosing the right pairing is important. Hence we bring to you certain wine and cheese combinations that will never go wrong.

Following are a few ways you should keep in mind whilst pairing wine and cheese:

  1. Always pair wine and cheese with equal intensity

For example- Wines with a percentage higher than 14.5% alcohol by volume or ABV (global standard of measurement for alcohol content) are stronger and more delicious with cheese that has a stronger taste. Whereas wines with a percentage lower than 12% ABV are less intense and are suitable for pairing with cheese with a more delicate taste.

  1. Red wines go well with aged cheeses

Aged cheese has almost 0 water content in it, making it much more intense and denser in nature. The high-tannins in red wine compliment the fat content in the aged cheese.

  1. Remember, like goes with like

Delicate cheese pairs well with younger, fruitier wines. Aged cheese like cheddar goes well with aged wines.

  1. Temperature matters

Always make sure to take out the cheese and wine from the fridge and serve them at room temperature. This will ensure to bring out the full flavor.

  1. Do not overwhelm your palate at once

All types of cheese have a distinct flavor and smell. Make sure to always go with tasting fresh cheese first, gradually go to the aged cheese. This will ensure that your taste buds are not confused or get overwhelmed. Your tastebuds will act as a key indicator to see if a pairing actually works or not.

  1. Make sure to relax and have fun

Do not overanalyze, every individual has their own personal preferences. Experimenting with a variety of flavors is key.

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