Fasal retains your crop health

Having farmland can be productive, can be useful, and can get you some excellent incentives. You can grow a variety of crops on your farm. But, which crop can grow in which farmland and what kind of environment is suitable for it to grow is something that becomes very critical at the time of yielding your crops.

Additionally, it is easy to start farming, but it is tough to continue productive farming that maintains crop health and growth in an environment suitable for it to grow. Moreover, it becomes necessary for a farmer to understand whether there is any situation that is creating diseased crops or hurting crops in their natural growth.

A doctor is someone who can understand the patient and can recommend a solution for any disorder based on symptoms and signs shown by the patient. Similarly, being a living organism, plants too need someone who can take care of them and keep them away from any ill-treatment.

Fasal comes in such a situation where crops require someone who can take care of their natural growth and provide a solution to any mistreatment done with them in the form of waterlogging, shortage of water, oppressive heat, less heat, etc. Fasal acts as a doctor for all such crops.

Fasal works on 4 essential pointers that can assure the wellbeing of the crops in your farmland.

  1. Understand the glitch– Fasal is in continuous monitoring of your crop (24*7*365) to find any glitch or misbehavior with the crops being grown on the farm. Fasal uploads all the data on the cloud platform for further processing.
  2. Analysis to make data-driven decisions– The data that is being uploaded on the cloud platform is analyzed by the system to understand the exact symptoms and signs shown by the crop to take a data-driven decision to maintain the health of the crop.
  3. A solution to the problem – Once the symptoms are detected, Fasal suggests the best changes in the environment, requirements, etc. that can revoke back the disorders crops are being subjected to.
  4. A ping to give some insights – Once the solution is found, a notification is pushed on the activated device of the farmer to decide to maintain the crop health.

In a way, you can see that Fasal is an artificially created doctor for your crop. It works on technologies like cloud, artificial intelligence, etc. You might be surprised by the kind of results shown by Fasal. It’s always necessary to take precautions rather than curing at the later stage.

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