Ramalaxmi’s decision to change into a vegan 5 years ago is showing her benefits now during the pandemic as she’s managed to have a relatively healthier immune and gut system when compared to her friends

Veganism today has taken over the food world by storm. People choose to abstain from eating animal products be it meat, eggs, milk, or milk products. People choose to turn to veganism for a lot of reasons like ethical, environmental, religious, health, or maybe to just see what the hype is all about. With the pandemic, people have started thinking twice about their health and diet a lot more. Veganism was always popular except it’s gaining even more attention now.

In this type of diet, meat is replaced by vegetarian products that offer the same nutrients, taste, or consistency. Tofu, Chickpeas, Nuts, seeds, by-products of soya, and other derivatives from the plant world. 

According to an article by PETA, the benefits of vegan food include-

  • Getting all the rich nutrients that the human body needs.
  • Reduces the risk of suffering from cancer and other diseases.
  • Can boost your mood
  • Healthier body weight
  • Prevents diabetes
  • Aids better skin 
  • Reduces the pain of arthritis

A student from the city, Natasha Rachel, had converted into veganism for ethical and environmental reasons just last year during the pandemic. She mentions that she got highly impacted after researching how things actually work in the meat, fish, egg and dairy industries. A lover of cheese herself, she was unsure if she could keep up with the diet but eventually, she discovered about the wide range of vegan cheeses available in the market that surprisingly tasted the same as regular cheese. ‘Today everything has a replacement, so you surely won’t miss out on anything whilst on this diet’ says Natasha.

‘Veganism is not all about diet, it’s about the lifestyle; making conscious changes to not hurt any living being’, What had started as a trial for a week for Amita Desai- the director of Goethe Zentrum, turned into a lifestyle for more than a decade now. 

She describes the journey of being a vegan as largely satisfying and fruitful. When asked about the quality of life after turning vegan Amita says ‘I am more energetic, I feel lighter, I internally feel very good that my diet and lifestyle impacts adversely as few as possible. She also mentions becoming a lot more positive, calmer, less agitated and mentally contained and felt various other changes within herself that make her a better person. 

Raw fruits and vegetables, fresh salads, dry fruits, sprouts and have substituted all white food for herself; So no white salt, rice, sugar; she substitutes all this with healthier alternatives like pink salt, millet, dates, and raisins. All of the changes that she’s made have helped her drastically.

‘I’ve gotten fit and have actually felt my body change for better’ says an MNC employee Mrs. Ramalaxmi, after turning to veganism 5 years back due to health reasons. Struggling with heart issues she was suggested to try this diet as it is comparatively low in saturated fats and luckily she hasn’t turned back since then. She shares ‘Almost all my friends have had health issues but I’ve managed to dodge most of these issues as of yet, thanks to my decision of turning into a vegan’. Her decision to change into a vegan 5 years ago is also showing her benefits now during this pandemic as she’s managed to have a relatively healthier immune and gut system when compared to her friends.

However, according to an article from insider.com, one must make sure that they are consuming enough iron, zinc, Vitamin D, calcium, calories and omega -3 fatty acids and other minerals and nutrients to make up for not eating meat and dairy products. The drawbacks of not eating the required amount of nutrients may include weakness, fatigue, constipation, and appetite loss. So, one must plan their diet accordingly and make efforts for the vegan diet to work effectively.

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