The new age farming technique followed by simply fresh.

“We aimed to provide nutritious food to everyone residing in India. We want everyone to consume food directly from the packet without washing it.”

Sachin Darbarwar, the Founder CEO and the director of Simply Fresh, said it to a local online news channel.

Sachin and Shweta, the founders, spent 3 years learning the farming techniques in Australia using the technology. Having a strong foundation of technology and an aim to negate the contamination in the food led them to route back to their roots in Hyderabad, India, and start with Simply Fresh.

They started cultivating the exotic flowers, leaves, fruits, and vegetables using a technique known as Hydroponics. In simple terms, Hydroponics means cultivating exotic plants without soil. Instead, it is grown a few feet higher than the ground level and feeding the seeds and plants with water combined with minerals. Bit data digitally control farms. It also alters the environment depending on the needs of the plants being cultivated.

This digital farming helps them to develop the

condition and environment suitable for the plants to grow.

Kale, Rocket Leave, Romaine Lettuce, etc. are some of the plants that Simply Fresh grow as if they belong to Hyderabad’s climate. The process is simple. Different cultivations that merged that need similar climatic conditions. Many of the greenhouses are covered with paper through which water may pass to keep the environment cool. Exhaust fans are installed to keep the atmosphere dry. In a way, it creates a similar environment like in abroad to keep plants fresh and in their natural growing environment.

Sachin and Shweta had an aim to bring delicacy in the salads of India.

To make it more exciting and colorful was their dream.

Hydroponics was quite a familiar term in western countries. While in India, it’s relatively new. A lot of efforts have been put behind creating this whole arena of growing exotic and unavailable food in India.

As per Sachin, this method is very new in India. India is adopting the technique of Hydroponics. In a way, it is conserving water and its minerals. Additionally, it saves the extraordinary flow and usage of water, unlike the traditional farming methods.

The plant bed is kept under monitoring always. It needs care like a small child. You need to monitor the number of nutrients being supplied to the plants. It is like feeding a child at regular intervals. It should neither exceed nor be scarce. A consistent amount of food at regular intervals will lead to longer and sustainable growth.

With a dedication to delivering fresh, exotic fruits and vegetables to Indians, Sachin and Shweta are moving with a passion and are reaching the top in their business.

More so, Sachin & Shweta are planning to open a 150 acres’ Hydroponic plant in Hyderabad.

If it happens, then it will make a name in the history books. It is going to be the first and the biggest one of its kind.

Consequently, more and more people will get used to such exotic plants, and there will be a considerable increase in the usage of such fruits and vegetables. Additionally, it will create so many employment opportunities in Hyderabad. It will be a boon for the people residing in Hyderabad and nearby areas.

Subsequently, there are chances of others getting interested in the same business, and we see such tech farming done at a bigger stage.

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