Kheyti – a one-stop farming solution

Kheyti is a startup founded by Ayush Sharma, Sathya Raghu V Mokkapati, Saumya, and Kaushik Kappagantulu for helping farmers to resolve the issue of water scarcity and financial burden. One of the co-founders, Sathya Raghu V Mokkapati, believes that in the present time, water conservation is not voluntary but a necessity.


Kheyti is all about helping farmers from designing to implementing innovative farming solutions. Solutions are combined with low-cost technologies to give farmers end-to-end solutions.

The startup has come up with an out of the box idea

of “Greenhouse-in-a-box” for the farmers.

It is a modular greenhouse with a drip system that uses 90% less water and produces seven times more food and that too at an affordable price. 4 layers are present in drip irrigation to stop losses from evaporation. With only 1000lit. water used in farming, you can produce organic vegetables like that in traditional farming. Presently 50,000lit. and 1,00,000lit. per day for vegetables and paddy respectively is used.

With this system in place, 98% of water is saved in agricultural land by using Greenhouse.

Along with greenhouse kits, high-quality seeds and fertilizers are also stacked for the first growing season. GIB kit price ranges from Rs. 1.6 to Rs. 3 Lakhs depending on size. The smallest Greenhouse will be 2000 sq. Ft. and the largest will be of 5000 sq. ft.  Field officers are always there to direct and advise farmers. After the production, Kheyti’s retail partners buy directly from them.

Farmers don’t have to worry about finance;

flexible loans are provided to start their own business and to set GIB.

The startup has infused its roots in Telangana, India, with 300 farmers.

In an interview, Sathya Raghu said that Kheyti would be a right and profitable solution for farmers because it’s the only one to provide climate-smart agricultural solutions. With the help of modern technology, the cost is reduced by 40%. The startup has done thorough research & development before giving the gift to farmers. So there is no chance of doubt concerning solution or technique.

Presently Kheyti startup seems to be the only one to provide all the farming services at one step from expert’s input to market linkage. This startup’s mission is to take every small farmer out of poverty path. He also added that their team had built a model that is not supported by any government subsidy. It will be a bonus if the government supports such farming solutions and catalyze its awareness.

Till now, the startup has reached 15 villages with 150 farmers. The goal is to reach around 1,00,000 farmers by 2025. In the beginning, farmers need to pay only 10% of the cost, and the rest is financed and paid when you earn. G Venkat Swamy Dachram, one of the farmers in Siddipet, has given credit to Kheyti’s GIB for earning Rs. 70,000/- in 3 months and that too, using just 1/10th of land. It’s a flourishing farming solution, and soon the startup will cover all over India.

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