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The struggle is real when it comes to scrounging between tons of vegetables at a grocery stall to find one good cookable piece. This kept people wondering if they’ll ever find a way to get fresh and fine food delivered right to their home. That is the exact concept known as a from-farm-to-fork concept. Restaurants and other food places follow this concept in pursuit of providing the best quality food right at people’s homes. But, it’s always hard to ensure the quality and nutrition of the food being delivered. After all, the authenticity of food cooked right in the kitchen can’t be compared. What if this authenticity could be found somewhere else? What if someone ensured the quality as well as taste in the food they deliver? It might seem impossible, but not how Living Food Company made it possible.

From vegan to omnivore, Living Food Company takes care of all types of food demand from the people who desire the utmost quality over everything else.

Minding the quality as well as nutrition,

The Living Food company is the only place to find the right flavors to your taste bud.

While each of their produce is credible and clean, they make sure to deliver it with expectations been met.

Adopting the concept of farm-to-fork isn’t an easy task, but living food company dreamt and envisioned to take it ahead with a determination to deliver their best. From households to restaurants, they have been taking good care of the fresh food being delivered as per the requirement and taste that people love. While their chefs never compromise cleanliness over taste or quantity, they succeed in delivering the home-like food right to the dining table. For quite long, they have been serving people in the right way by keeping alive the authenticity of spice and care that Indian food requires.

And now, they’ve started with the services of microgreens for a healthy and fit life that one may desire. The living food company claims that microgreens with the roots still intact will be delivered to the door every day according to the preference and convenience of the buyer. Anybody is welcome to try their plan for microgreens for the healthiest and mighty product. The standard plan involves Indian microgreens like Pink Radish, peas, etc., but the premium plan includes much more than these.

Microgreens are believed to have about 40 times higher nutrition than the usual vegetables, and living food company takes care of the fertilizers and pesticides safety as well. These are entirely free from any chemicals and are grown with eco-friendly farming techniques only.

Some even believe that microgreens prove better than organic food too.

About 1500+ active households have already shaken hands with a living food company and believe in their quality service of delicious food. By 2021, they aim to attract more households and restaurants to join hands with their services and enjoy the delightful food and microgreens right there on their dining table.

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