Ninjacart collects over 1,400 tons of fresh produce from over 37,000 farmers every day, for distribution to 60,000+ retailers based in seven Indian cities, within 12 hours.

Ninjacart has indeed come a long way since its launch in 2015. It is the brainchild of six enterprising entrepreneurs – Thirukumaran Nagarajan (CEO), Ashutosh Vikram, Vasudevan Chinnathambi, Sharath Babu Loganathan, Sachin Jose and Kartheeswaran KK. Their careful study of the traditional supply chain revealed some unpleasant facts.

  • The traditional supply chain continued to struggle with disorganization, inefficiency, and large quantities of food wastage.
  • Fluctuations in marketplace pricing, inefficiency in distribution, and dissemination of asymmetrical information have affected farmers severely. It did not help that produce purchasers often made late payments either.
  • Retailers had to make trips to the market every day if they desired fresh produce. Apart from this, they had to deal with unhygienic/low-quality goods, rising costs, and high volatility in pricing.

Deciding to do something about it, the six youngsters brought all their knowledge of a logistics network, infrastructure, technology, and data science into play for setting up a tech-driven supply chain system for receiving and distributing fresh produce. The company’s corporate office is in Bengaluru. The 6000+ employees reach out to service providers, retailers, and restaurants in Bengaluru, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, Ahmedabad, and Mumbai. They do this successfully via in-house applications. These applications are the remote controllers for end-to-end operations.

Today, Ninjacart can proudly boast of a delivery accuracy of 99.8% throughout the year.

Since the founders decided to follow the business-to-business model for achieving a seamless flow, they had to confront several challenges. In co-founder, V. Chinnathambi’s own words,

“We realized that the supply chain is broken, and we could resolve that. The opportunity was certainly bigger, though we took almost one year to figure out this model will work.”

To begin with, the company has to keep track of the harvest calendar. Different seasons yield different fruits and vegetables. The calendar suffices to predict demand and supply accurately. Therefore, Ninjacart gives all its farmer members advance notice of a week. This way, fresh produce becomes available for purchasing and selling on the same day. Ninjacart also took care to collect the complete list of regular customers and data associated with their purchasing habits, before actually launching the supply chain.

Today, the hard work has truly paid off!

Farmers can keep up with the demand and receive better prices.

Retailers are equally happy, as Ninjacart brings fresh produce at competitive prices, right to their doorsteps.

The company itself is happy for it has put a cost-effective and dependable supply chain in place. The integrated infrastructure and high-speed logistics take care of inefficiencies if any. Funding is not an issue, for financial institutions trust Ninjacart.

Now, Ninjacart’s founders are not the type to rest on their laurels! They are already looking into newer projects for the future. Their dream is to keep the splendidly efficient and extensive supply chain platform running forever!

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