“I used to get up at 5.30 AM. Then completing my normal routine, I used to go to my farm. First, I used to start the water pump and do some initial preparation for the watering work. Once that is done, I start with my farming work that included watering, taking my bulls for farming, and getting the crops to the market once they are ready. Then dealing with the agents or wholesalers. Finally, I used to get my cut for growing the crop in our field.”

This is what we might have heard from our ancestors. But, the story belongs to 19th and 20th-century farmers.

Farmers in 21st-century believe in innovative and fighting approaches.

The situation currently is so pathetic that farmers are not even getting their base fare for yielding the crops in their farmland. And, in such condition, many have dropped their plans to grow crops. Moreover, the wrong steps taken in their life have kept their families in a big uncertain, and helpless state.


Our Food becomes a source of vision, mission, and reason for them to continue with their occupation without worrying about their development cost.

Our Food has brought to light the importance of technology in agribusiness

by decentralizing the food processing industry.

Additionally, Our Food is aiming to achieve better results for the farmers by 3 motivational visions.


  1. Reduce the burden of processing cost to the farmers Our Food, in partnership with the budding entrepreneurs in the Southern part of India, provide low-cost processing equipment as well as needed finance to farmers. This will help farmers to build the final consumable product at their farmlands. And overall, it will reduce the processing cost they have to pay outside to other merchants.
  2. Deduction of middlemen From farmers, the crops are delivered to the wholesaler. From wholesalers, it goes to dealers. Dealers are in tie-up with retailers. Finally, consumers get it from retailers. Our Food is visionary to remove all the middlemen, and farmers will be able to supply their finished products directly to the customers using the medium provided by Our Food.
  3. Accessibility to get in touch with consumers directly It becomes tough to understand the end consumer’s problem when there are so many lined up between a farmer and a consumer in the supply chain. Our Food makes sure that this middleman is removed, and thus, farmers receive their price of the product they produce.


Moreover, to achieve this goal, Our Food is getting in touch with farmers and creating a community of farmers who are ready to equip small micro-processing units in their farmyards and develop the finish consumable product. Additionally, Our Food is also aiming at increasing the community of rural entrepreneurs who are ready to invest in agribusiness for the betterment of the nation and society. ^


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