Grow veggies in your balconies

“Imagine plucking your tomatoes and using them right away,” said the CEO and co-founder of the UrbanKisaan, Vihari Kanukollu.

In 2017, the 25-year-old co-founder joined hands with Dr. Sairam and Shrinivas Chaganti to produce pesticide-free vegetables in soil-less environments with 95% less water. Vihari Kanukollu came across an article that said, by 2050, there will be 50% less food, 30% less water supply, and 20% less cultivation land. This article inspired him a lot and is the reason behind the startup UrbanKisaan which led people to join hands in growing their eatables in a suitable and accessible environment.

Considering the fact, they adapted the hydroponic farming. In this technique, the soil is replaced with nutrient solutions. The biggest advantage of this is that you can also grow plants inside the house. If both nutrition and light are timely provided, it will grow in the absence of pesticides.

Hydroponic farming is an ideal technique for city dwellers

to get access to fresh produce every day.

UrbanKisaan was also a part of the Plant Healers series aired on the discovery channel and was selected among all over India. The mission of this startup was to change people’s vision of farming. Vihari Kanukollu, who happens to be the commerce graduate and cost accountant, came back to Hyderabad after finishing studies in Chennai, said in an interview that he gives all credit to technology, without which it won’t be possible to achieve present farming technique.

He also shared that their team is more committed to making more lives organic. To accomplish this, they need cooperation from people and want them to join their bandwagon. Compared to former traditional farming, home farming is easy. People will get an automated home kit ranging between Rs. 5000 to Rs.15000/- which will take 2X4 sq. ft. space of your room, planting 36 saplings. And this will demand only 15 minutes of a week from your side, and you will be rewarded with pesticide-free vegetables.

The co-founder is talking about two models of Hydroponic farming, one in which you grow for yourself and another in which you grow for a third party. This trio has given opportunities to those with entrepreneurial skills and green thumbs to initiate their startup with excess produce selling where people can invest a minimum of Rs. 10000 to grow 6 kg of greens in 10days.

UrbanKisaan has also collaborated with Womenergy,

a club of women entrepreneurs, to sell the produce.

The startup has also come with an app to keep all its customers aware of plants and their cultivation advice. The main goal of this app is to support you from the starting point till the finishing line. Therefore, the six features that make UrbanKisaan unique are its highly nutritious, mind-blowing taste, useful for you, good for the earth, no pesticide & no GMO, and delivery at doorstep. Presently Hydroponic farming is new to India, but soon, it will be known in every household.


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