Are you a new vegan? Have you been practicing veganism for a long time now? Whatever may be the category you fit into, you are not limited to the recipes you normally cook. You can always try newer ones. Hence to make this possible, we bring you three recently published vegan recipe cookbooks with vegan cuisines from around the world. You must try your hand at these recipes by famous food writers.

1. Omari McQueen’s Best Bites Cookbook by Omari McQueen

Omari McQueen is not a regular twelve-year-old kid. At the age of twelve, he is the youngest vegan chef in the UK, YouTuber, youngest restauranter in the world, cooking show host and child entrepreneur. Adding to these, he also recently authored a vegan recipes cookbook titled Omari McQueen’s Best Bites Cookbook. When Omari was seven years old, his mother would suffer from body paralysing migraines. As she was unable to cook and his father was out for work, Omari began helping his elder brother prepare meals for the family. Soon, he turned vegan after reading how a vegan diet could help his mother and began making the same for her. 

As time passed, he took more interest in the art and began learning newer cooking techniques. In January this year, the UK-based kid published a vegan cookbook. The book begins with a small intro by Omari followed by what it means to be a vegan, some tips on becoming one and the ingredients he uses for cooking. The family has Jamaican roots hence some recipes have a taste of the Caribbean. The book consists of more than 35 mouthwatering vegan recipes starting with morning breakfast, lunch, snacks and after-meal desserts. The cookbook is a good starting point for kids like Omari who take interest in cooking. And an added advantage is they will learn to be more compassionate towards the environment and animals, the recipes being plant-based.

The book is available for purchase on Amazon

2. The Vegan Iraqi Cookbook by Lamees Ibrahim

Lamees Ibrahim is an Iraqi who came to London from Baghdad to study pathology in the 1970s. Owing to Iraq’s unstable situation she couldn’t visit her motherland till the year 2004. And when she did, to her dismay, she found that the country was no longer what she knew it to be. Finding her mother saddened by the situation, Lamees’s daughter Maysa, encouraged her mother to start penning her memories. Since food made for most of her memories, Lamees began writing her first book, The Iraqi Cookbook which was published in the year 2009. 

Lamees with her Cookbook

More than a decade later Ibrahim is back with yet another book, The Vegan Iraqi Cookbook. It was published in February 2021. The book brings you a rich blend of Mesopotamian history, culture and cuisine coupled with Ibrahim’s beautiful storytelling and food photos. It has around 132 plant-based recipes to try from the middle-eastern part of the world. Some traditional and some modern with a unique touch. Although the world perceives Iraqi food to be meat-based Lamees says that there are many vegan recipes that the land makes. Hence she brings the vegans a brand new book with plant-based recipes.

You can purchase the book from

3. Hot for food all-day: Easy Recipes to Level Up Your Vegan Meals by Lauren Toyota

The former television host Lauren Toyota is today a Famous YouTuber and a known name in the vegan culinary world. She runs two YouTube channels one about her daily life and the other ‘hot for food’ where she shares easy to cook vegan recipes for everyone. Since its launch in the year 2015, the channel has been able to garner a huge subscriber base. Having authored two vegan cookbooks the past, Lauren is back with a new cookbook this year titled Hot For Food All Day: Easy Recipes To Level Up Your Vegan Meals.

Lauren with her cookbook

Explained in a lucid manner her recipes are presented with beautiful images of the final dish. With many options for each meal of the day the 265 pages book comes with more than 100 delicious recipes that can also be made by non-vegans. And the best part is that the recipes are extremely easy to make and one doesn’t have to wait till the weekend to put together a tasty lunch or dinner for the family. The recipes can be easily made on a weekday too. So, what are you waiting for go grab your copy from Amazon and get cooking.

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