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Palestinians displaced in Gaza call for supplies ‘We need food’

‘We need food’ Palestinians in Gaza call for supplies. The UN says that some 58,000 Palestinians have been internally displaced in Gaza as Israel continues its bombardment of the territory.

We’ve seen a picture of a Palestinian family in the article of Al-Jazeera where a woman is seen cradling her newborn baby ‘Hasan’ on the floor of a classroom in the city of Gaza, her five other children scooting in and out. 

“We need food, clothes, duvets, mattresses, and milk”, Suheir Al-Arbeed, the woman who gave birth two weeks ago, mentions in a phone interview with Al-Jazeera. ” My back hurts from sleeping on a thin cover on the floor.”


“I have to ask other people for diapers for my son,” she added. “I’m trying to breastfeed him but he’s still hungry and keeps crying.”

Suheir Al- Arbeed the 30-year-old woman and her family were one among the hundreds of families living in Gaza’s north and east who fled their own homes overnight on Thursday as the heavy Israeli artillery shelling and aerial bombardment shook the ground under their feet. 

All these families escaped on their feet and rushed in the dark for several kilometers to the Gaza Al -Jadeeda school, one of the many run by the UNRWA, the UN agency for Palestinian refugees.

‘There were no cars or transportation available,” al-Arbeed mentioned who had a home in the Shujaiyah area of Northeastern Gaza. 

Several sympathizers across the world are spreading the word seeking donations in the name of humanity. 

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