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Women cook food and distribute free to Covid patients

Not all heroes have capes; especially these wonderful women, who are going out of their way to cook meals and distribute free food to Covid patients

Not all heroes have capes. And the pandemic has once again proved that the women at home are shouldering additional responsibility and challenges of the difficult times. The super women among them have added yet another responsibility, to provide free Covid food service to the patients . Handi Talks features few women who are truly going out of their way for a good cause.   

Free kitchen! 

This group of youngsters has come forward to provide free food for the COVID-positive people who are finding it difficult to cook food on their own. They are providing food at the doorsteps of those under home isolation in Hyderabad. 

Manya Mitra, who is voluntarily helping Covid patients, a resident of Jubilee Hills, said, ” Many charitable organizations have extended their helping hand but it is not sufficient. I wanted to help those people who needed food. Along with my elder sister Manvi Mitra and six friends we started providing free food under the name Free Kitchen.”

They have started this initiative during the third week of April, and for the first week, they only got requests from in and around Jubilee Hills, They then decided to put their contact details on social media platforms so that many people who are in need across the city could reach out to them. Along with the request for food, they have also received calls from people living in surrounding areas to help them with the deliveries.

Free kitchen is providing hygienically home-cooked vegetarian meals. Keeping the health of Covid patients in mind, the food is cooked with less oil and salt 

“In a day, we are receiving nearly 30 phone calls. We are delivering 100 to 150 food packets and our volunteers are putting the food parcels at the doorsteps of the patients.”

Now they are trying to use biodegradable boxes instead of plastic boxes and bags for packing food. With the help of crowd-funding, they support people in need. 

“People who are in need can message us on our Instagram page @ Free Kitchen or can contact us on 75695 55698,” said Manvi Mitra.

NARISENA – the women army

Latha chowdary is the founder and head of the NariSena Global Women Forum that aims to empower . During these times of crisis they extend their support by providing free nutritious meals to patients in home-isolation in 5 different cities,

Hyderabad: 9182225202, 9000118870.

Vizag: 7893656403, 8106407087.

Bangalore: 8105766156, 8496099322.

Guntur: 7702060196, 9766036029.

Kakinada: 9030877955, 9912281115.

From juices to salads, greens to dal, Rotis to vegetable curries, and the meals completed with fruit and a dessert, all are hygienically prepared by her team members at their homes, keeping the needs of the patients in mind. 

With her group members who came forward to help the needy, they are currently delivering 300-500 meals a day in one city alone. and planning to add more cities to their list.

The funding for the meals served was contributed by the members of Narisena. All the meals are free and are provided for 3-5 days of duration after checking the medical condition of the patient. Many patients after recovering started funding for the cause as well. Apart from their hired delivery executives, many people stepped forward to deliver the meals to the patients, Latha shared. 

Niharika, a kind hearted designer! 

Niharika, who’s a fashion designer by profession realized that there are so many people who can barely meet their basic needs during the pandemic times and the available help is not enough. She along with her family raised money to provide groceries to those in dire situations.  Recently she started supplying meals to covid patients, who are in home isolation. 

Currently, Niharika is not accepting any funds or volunteers due to the high risk of COVID-19. She, along with her family spent around 2 lakhs for the cause and all her deliveries are done by her driver and brother, making sure that the patients receive their meals on time. 

“I understand all the fear and chaos people are in due to the situation, but we must keep the needy in mind, We can take all necessary precautions and help them out in our own ways. If we as humans  don’t help and care for each other here, then who would?” asks Niharika 

Contact : +919581001089.

Extending a helping hand and a caring heart is all you need during these crisis times. And these Covid heroes are doing just that.

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