It was in 2019, Shilpa Khanna Thakkar and Janki Tank Mehta founded Chicnutrix. It is an all-women brand offering dietary supplements to keep women beautiful and healthy inside out.

Shilpa Khanna Thakkar spent nearly a decade mastering the nutraceutical space as the co-founder of Fullife Healthcare Private Limited. Her experience coupled with the chronic hair fall issues she faced growing up, made her realise the critical need for dietary supplements in a woman’s life. She had to take nutrition supplements while undergoing treatment for her problem. During this time, she understood how many women just like her go through skin and hair issues. Because their daily diet lacks a few essential nutrients. And, these issues could be solved by incorporating nutritional supplements.

In pursuit of providing women, solutions to their beauty and nutrition problems, Shilpa along with Janki Tank Mehta founded Chicnutrix in Mumbai in 2019. As a women-only brand, the company understands how important nutrition is for women and stands by the old adage ‘Health is Wealth’. Offering numerous beauty and wellness products the duo aspire to become every woman’s ‘on the go nutrition’ choice.

Beauty and health nutrition products

Chicnutrix products

Chicnutrix has a huge product line. This includes products offering healthy solutions for hair, skin and nails to revolutionary wellness products. Chicnutrix Happee is one such product that cures recurring Urinary Tract Infections (UTI). Their products are available in different formats such as gel, effervescent, and capsules.

Calling Chicnutrix Bounce her favourite product, Shilpa told Handi Talks, “I love all my products. But I swear by this one as it helps me take care of my mane. Bounce was our first product and was formulated owing to my hair fall issues. It is really close to my heart for this very reason.” The product addresses different hair issues and caters to its overall health.

In-house manufacturing facility

Chicnutrix takes pride in manufacturing supplements using only clinically proven ingredients. For instance, Shilpa says the company uses Japanese Glutathione that is backed by proper clinical studies. The ingredient is present in their product – Chicnutrix Glow. Shilpa further shares, “I do not believe in compromising. Our brand wants to provide women with recommended amounts of quality ingredients through our supplements. We source all our ingredients indigenously to maintain high-quality standards. I have R&D teams in Mumbai and Switzerland, a panel of professional doctors, experts, and a quality audit team. With their help, I make sure only genuine products reach my customers.” 

A digital-only brand Chicnutrix products are available on the company’s website. You can also purchase them on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa and Purplle amongst others. Their products provide solutions to women between the ages 25-55 years. Shilpa believes being available online has helped the brand reach customers throughout the country while sitting in Mumbai. 

Challenges faced

Calling the nutraceutical industry a male-dominated space Shilpa recalls facing challenges during meetings. Being a space ventured by few women she and her partner were not taken seriously. They had to prove their worth to get people to hear them out.

Label reading she says is another challenge. “People often tend to see our products as expensive when compared to others available in the market. But, what they fail to realise is that we use the highest quality ingredients in our products. People need to make it a practice to read labels. That would enable them to make informed decisions when choosing the right nutritional supplements.”

The way ahead

Having started as a beauty nutrition brand, Chicnutrix recently ventured into the wellness space. The brand has some products lined up for launch in this area in the upcoming months. It also plans to focus on making products addressing issues other than hair and skin. These products will aim at holistic wellness. Chicnutrix aspires to become every woman’s nutrition BFF.

Shilpa also desires to create an online community through her brand. The community will enable women to openly discuss problems they wouldn’t otherwise talk about.

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