SnackerStreet: Feeding the frozen snack market with innovation

SnackerStreet by Chefs Divya and Gopinath Medar specialises in making frozen snacks. Located in Hyderabad, the company currently serves restaurants, hotels and caterers across 9 Indian states

Not everyone can commit to a career at a young age. And, those who do, may not end up heading down the same path later in life. But, Chef Divya Medar is not everyone. Her fascination with food began at a young age and that led her to commit to a future in culinary arts in class five. Fueled by her passion for food and with the mind of an entrepreneur, Divya along with her Chef husband Gopinath runs SnackerStreet – one of its kind frozen snacks manufacturer based out of Hyderabad.

How it all began

After graduating from the Institute of Hotel Management (IHM) in Aurangabad with her Diploma in Culinary Arts and Kitchen Administration, she went on to serve as a Chef at the iconic Taj hotels across India. During her stint at Taj, Divya met her husband Gopinath, fell in love and both got married in May 2007. Working at different locations they would hardly find time for each other. But their deep orientation towards family made them bid adieu to their jobs and move to Hyderabad in October of the same year. 

November 2007 marked the beginning of a new journey as Divya and Gopinath co-founded SnackerStreet. They started as a catering service provider that would make world cuisine live during events but soon realised that the model was unscalable. The following year, an opportunity knocked on their door when the couple was invited as consultants by Britannia Industries and Britannia Dairy to aid their product development efforts. “We were also instrumental in developing a lot of recipes for PepsiCo. India’s Quaker Oats division. Our recipes were published both on the website and their pouches. That was a very exciting phase for both of us and made us realise that we really like making products,” says Divya recalling her journey. 

Launching with Momos

This realisation made them bring the famous Delhi momos they had during their Chef days to Hyderabad in the year 2009. “Back in 2009, there weren’t many snacking options in the city. So, we decided to bring the concept here. We learnt the right technique, imported equipment and began producing machine-made momos in the frozen form after 6 months of research,” says Divya. After getting people acquainted with their product for a few months and having a great response, the duo set up stalls all over the city. Their vision behind starting this venture was to use their culinary expertise and technology to make momos. Using these they aimed to sell frozen snacks to entities that experience trouble preparing the huge snacking orders during important events. 

Running a chain of 200 outlets wasn’t an easy job especially with all the operational hassles they had to solve while running a distributed workforce. Divya and Gopinath are first-generation entrepreneurs and their core competency was crafting products than scaling a business at that time.

A Brand Facelift

Without losing much time they soon pivoted to a frozen snack manufacturing company from a plain vanilla momo food manufacturer. This happened after they serendipitously agreed to deliver 12,000 spring rolls for a large wedding and it became a roaring success. SnackerStreet got a facelift as a B2B manufacturer in 2014 after closing down all the outlets and tuning themselves to match their core strengths. “Today we are present in nine states and cater primarily to hotels, restaurants, and catering segments,” shares Medar speaking to Handi Talks. SnackerStreet has developed around 250 products to date.

Value Proposition

The company today specialises in making various snacks such as momos, nuggets, tikkis, poppers, rolls, samosas, burger patties, kebabs and dimsums among others. You can find these and many more on the company’s website SnackerStreet. Their team Divya says is continuously making their products better and adding more. She shares that they add no preservatives to their products and it is the product manufacturing technique they use to make the snacks that give them a shelf life of 24 months. She further adds that Snackerstreet products are conveniently frozen and delivered on time that makes customers come back for more. 

Talking about how SnackerStreet stands out Divya Medar says, “We use fresh vegetables and meat to make our snacks instead of using the dehydrated and frozen versions. We also grind our spices in-house, which we then add to the peeled, boiled and chopped veggies and meat for snack preparations. Once the snack takes its shape in the machine, we coat it in the batter and bread crumbs and freeze it.” This way she says their snacks are fried only once when opened by the consumer. Thus, their products have a totally different taste profile making one feel like they are freshly made in-house. Medar adds that the company also specialises in customising snacks for its customers. Chocolate momos for instance are one such product. 

Chocolate Momos

What lies ahead

Divya and Gopinath have been running their small micro-enterprise at Balanagar in Hyderabad for the past few years. Their journey wasn’t one without challenges, but it has been instrumental in turning them from 5-star chefs to successful chefpreneurs. They are continuously evolving their snack offerings and look forward to venturing into e-retail and exports along with newer geographies in the days to come.

7 thoughts on “SnackerStreet: Feeding the frozen snack market with innovation”

  1. Mrs.Rohini Raghavan

    Hi Divya and Gopi ,
    Extremely happy to note the scale of your heights today.We are aware of the struggle both of you went thro’ right from day 1.
    Both of you are rewarded for your hardwork and sincerity.
    We sincerely pray that Lord Almighty. Continue to bless you both to reach your goal
    Best wishes
    Rohini aunty(Raghavans)

  2. Kailash Rangaraj

    Wow. This is such a nice article. I fondly remember the memory when I had the chance to see the factory and enjoy the savories. Seeing that whole process had cleared a lot of my doubts on frozen foods. The scientific tour you gave me on how the whole frozen foods are as good as eating it fresh because of fast cooling techniques and other process is quite a revelation for me

  3. Devika Varadarajan

    It’s hard being an entrepreneur in the best of times. You both have shown great grit and determination in turning every adversity into an opportunity. The attitude to put customer first, and bring quality products have defined how you both developed this brand. This and the willingness to adapt and change tracks are finally paying off!! Congratulations and may you become a global brand soon

  4. Your hard work and determination make amazing ingredients for success! Wish you both the best in growing the brand and taking it places.

  5. Saraswathi Narayanan

    Excellent article! Congratulations Divya and Gopi! Great to see you both find a sense of purpose in your career and start something together that has customer satisfaction at its core! Wishing continued success to Snackerstreet and surely it will scale global heights!!

  6. Divya and Gopi, your story is one of passion as chefpreneurs, of fortitude and perseverance, grabbing opportunity and shifting gears and paths wherever you saw road-blocks. Moving back to your core competency of creating products, rather than wasting precious creative time and effort on running the logistics of B2C was a brilliant strategic move – the stuff Management case, studies are made of..
    This adaptive character and never-say-die attitude will continue to help you soar to greater heights of success and recognition.
    Congratulations and God Bless!

  7. Divya (& Gopi) You and your story continue to inspire (and surprised too ) me and many others!. Wishing you both the best in the days and years to come.

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