If nothing else – and nothing else!  – “If you want to be trusted, be honest.”

When you are running errands, busy with chores, attending long meetings, or in any given busy situation, what would be your go-to snack? Something healthy, filling, and nutritious, right? When could you indulge in something that is packed with these properties without having any preservatives or any adulterants?


When was the last time you saw a brand that openly and boldly mentions what it is made up of? NEVER! Yet, you see some of the brands ruling the roost because of the trademark, advertising, and many such factors.


And Nothing Else is not about false promises or hidden recipes.

As unique is the name, the approach toward serving the consumer is also unparalleled.


This startup is a result of a person’s crusade toward eating healthy, his journey toward knowing the truth behind the list of ingredients on most of the protein bars; it is the story of the founder of ANE, Shashank Mehta. Before starting up his brainchild And Nothing Else, Mr. Shashank was associated with Unilever for eight years working across different functions. After that, he worked with Rebel Foods. Being a fitness enthusiast, Shashank put his thoughts in blog writing and later transformed it into a firm.


Mr. Shashank’s focal point always was to supply food products that are clean, nutritious, and organic without any ingredients like added sugar, preservative, artificial colors. ANE displays all the ingredients that were used to make this power snack are listed clearly on the pack cover. This Mumbai startup aims at rebuilding the world’s trust in food and the Matrix Partners India backs up this notion of the firm by funding ANE with a good undisclosed amount.


Shashank Mehta explained his plans on how the funds will be used. He said, “People and Manufacturing. This fundraising allows us to do these two fundamental things right. It allows us to hire a great bunch of people who are passionate about our mission, and it allows us to build our manufacturing capability. Most brands, nowadays, source the same, standard products from a few common third-party manufacturers, and then just label and sell. But, at ANE, we’re trying to make something so unique, that we couldn’t trust the making in anyone else’s hands.”


Supporting Mr. Shashank Mehta’s vision, Sanjot Malhi, VP, and Consumer Sector Lead, Matrix India, said, “This is our fourth investment in the better-for-you F&B space and adds to our growing portfolio of new-age consumer brands. We are privileged to partner with Shashank on this journey of building India’s most-trusted health food brand.”


When individuals like CEO of ANE are coming forward to make changes in society then it is good to be part of this change and support them by buying or using their products.


ANE along with the vision to clear-labels and natural ingredients

also looks at flavors that make the consumers want more.


The flavors are handmade and available in the market in the fresh stocks as they are packed in small quantities of 20. If you like to take a bite from any of the following: KC Roasters Coffee Bar, Peanut butter, Cranberry, Double Cocoa, Coconut Cocoa, or Coffee Cocoa, then the bars are easily available on the ANE website, Amazon, Bigbasket, and different eCommerce websites. Or walk into the nearest Q-mart store to grab one.


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