A true blue Hyderabadi knows what Irani chai (tea) along with Osmania biscuits from Niloufer mean! Hot tea and biscuits are the perfect combos during those lazy evenings or cold weather or rainy days or at any given time.


If this cuppa is from Niloufer and the biscuits are Osmania –

then you are enjoying a trademark break.


A humble person with a clear vision, Shri. Anumula Babu Rao changed the coordinates of Café Niloufer by taking over the place four decades back and reintroducing it to its customers in the best possible way and with an idea of serving, and serving only the best! Shri. Babu Rao transformed a regular teashop to a place renowned for its Hyderabadi Chai/Irani Chai and Osmania biscuits. Mr. Babu Rao might not have prophesied that Café Niloufer will be ruling the roost in the Food and Beverage industry, but sure thought that it would rule the hearts of the metropolitan. Continuing this tradition of reaching out to the people, Mr. Anumula Shashank (son of Shri. Babu Rao) steered serving of the hot drink from the masses toward the upper-middle-class and elite groups.


All thanks to the father and son duo, who have made the simple homely drink a global term, wherein the tourists visit the city, ensure that along with the souvenirs of Pearl from the pearl city, they do not forget to take a packet of Osmania biscuits.


The idea of establishing Café Niloufer is to be reachable to its customers,

both with taste and the location.


Located in the heart of the city, the Café is not only accessible for its location, but the array of products is also affordable by every tea fanatic. One does not need an occasion to sip tasty hot tea prepared at the café; all you have to do is drop by and turn that moment into an occasion. Sounds interesting, right!


Helming the role of a café and a bakery, Café Niloufer offers the best-baked biscuits that are both tasty and nutritious.  While talking about the many achievements of the Café, it should be noted that this Teashop reached these heights by continuous perseverance and by adapting to the changing trends.


Even with decades tucked under its belt, this place is a clear winner in sourcing original, hot tea, and delicious confectionaries. The place is a replica of the perfect blend of class and classic and is known to make the biscuits gourmet. Café Niloufer replicates the Deccan traditions through its warmth and welcoming atmosphere, and the class reflects in the state-of-the-art equipment, imported kitchen equipment, best bakery practices, and chefs who are connoisseurs in the art of baking.


Café Niloufer is all about changing with market trends,

and it is evident with the availability of its products through every medium.


If you are craving to sip hot Niloufer tea, all you have to is order through Swiggy, and if you want to savor the buttery and nutty Osmania biscuits, then fill in your Amazon cart with goodies or walk down to Q-mart. Bring in the tea tradition to your home now!

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