Add a life to your breads with a whole new range of Epigamia spreads

Do you sometimes sit and wonder how two of your favorite food ingredients can come together to make a fantastic combination? If yes, Epigamia should be your one time stop for all experimental fusions. Especially their whole new range of spreads is nothing, but all the imagined food combinations coming true. Their yogurts are already ruling the market, and now these exquisite spreads are like a cherry on the cake. What’s so special about these spreads is that they are something you might never have imagined together and yet something that tastes miraculously good.


Spreads are already known to make the dullest food items taste special. They add a spice of flavor to one’s everyday toast in breakfast and make every sandwich you eat a little better than ordinary. If a regular spread is capable of doing this much, imagine the unique flavors of Epigamia spreads on the bread or kid’s tiffin.


A grin of taste is promised after every bite of an Epigamia spread.


Let’s talk flavors!

Epigamia decided not to sell something ordinary that everybody is already selling but be a little experimental. With no regrets, these experiments gave out mouth-watering results!


When Ghee met Chocolate Hazelnut!

Kept you wondering with the title, right? Well, this spread will do that every time one tastes it. Everybody has been waiting to know what these two amazingly popular ingredients could do together, and their wait paid-up good!


Let’s add some caramel to the Banana!

We know how some people go crazy for bananas, and Epigamia had to try doing something special to it. Get ready to be bowled over with the taste of Banana, Ghee, and Caramel together. Now get two of your favorite flavors in a single food item. Toasts can’t wait to be decorated with this pretty combination with indescribable taste to offer. Breakfasts surely don’t need to be boring anymore!


Berries can mix up with anything!

Epigamia believed in a taste, and it surprisingly came out to be true. We all know how berries taste good with everything and anything, but when they met Ghee, they taste even more. Epigamia’s blueberry spread will spread a smile on everybody’s face as soon as you taste the first spoon of it.


One might already be imagining the flavors on their toasts and sandwiches in the morning! Epigamia spreads, and yogurts will make sure to keep up with your imagination!


With the goodness of taste and other amazing benefits to offer,

these spreads are the perfect match to your lazy morning


If it’s still a confusing choice, consider the benefit of all the Omega 3 that these spreads have got to offer. With zero preservatives and the goodness of Ghee, Epigamia’s products put an end to the cravings in a healthy way. Available online on Amazon or you can buy them from Q-mart. With so much to offer, we don’t see these products missing in your fridge anytime. Stock your fridge already!


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