healthy snack in a pack!

Pop goes the corn – the yummy flavors coming out of the tiny kernels, filling the air with its different aromas like butter, caramel, salted, and more makes you drool for more. Popicorn is all about fun and healthy snacking that is light to carry and on the stomach too. The company started its journey from a small garage and grew exponentially into a company that produces about 100 tons of popcorn every month. A brand name that is synonymous with wholesome snacks comes in six different flavors and can easily replace any unhealthy chomping.


Popicorn’s mission is as simple as the snack itself – “Best Tasting, Better-For-You.” There might be different brands and treats available in the snacks section, but what makes Popicorn unique is its ingredients. Any fitness fanatic can pick a pack of Popicorn as their snacking option without a doubt.

It is not just bursting with lip-smacking taste but free from

trans-fat, gluten, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

Overtime, Popicorn made a special place for itself in the hearts of all ages and the market, too, because of its perseverance to bring a wholesome and nutritious snack for your time pass, movie time, or fill in your hunger pangs.

Let us talk about the different savors these corns pop on your palettes.

Popicorn’s Piri-Piri masala popcorn – Portuguese flavors in a popping pack!

The crunching of each corn kernel takes you on a sizzling trip to the land of Portuguese. Piri-Piri masala is all about tingling your taste buds with its fiery flavor.

Popicorn’s Creamy, cheesy popcorn – Say Cheese!

Somethings are meant to be together, like the cheese and the corn. Creamy, cheesy popcorn is all about falling in love with its subtle taste, melting with each popcorn.

Popicorn’s Tangy jalapeno popcorn – Exotic!

When you are in the mood to savor something exotic, then dig into Popicorn’s Tangy Jalapeno Popcorn. The tangy and peppery taste of the jalapenos makes you want more.

Popicorn’s Yummy Butter Popcorn – yummy in my tummy!

As the corn kernels pop in the pot, let the yummy buttery flavor burst on your taste buds with every bite. Let the family snack time turn into a delicious memory.

Popicorn’s Tomato Chili Popcorn – The magic of freshness

The juiciness of tomato combined with the freshly ground spices Popicorn’s Tomato Chili Popcorn will leave you spellbound, and your taste buds refuse to leave its spell.

Popicorn’s Just salted Popcorn – The Classic!

The original and classic flavor of all times; salted popcorn takes you back to the memory lane – movies and popcorns! Popicorn’s just salted popcorn is the classic favorite of many.

Popicorn’s popcorns array of flavors can be picked according to your mood and liking.

This popcorn is prepared in small batches and is freshly available at all stores. When farm-fresh corns turn into irresistible snacks packed with array flavors, then stocking your shelf with Popicorn’s popcorns and making them your munching partner is a wise choice. As these munchers are prepared in small batches, they are readily available at every store right from Amazon to Q-mart. All you have to do is add them to your cart and start relishing!

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