COFFEE RULES!! / This is a BEAN story!

Being to the BEAN world is all about transiting yourself into a mystic land that is full of flavors, aromas, and tastes that create memories. A small caffeine tour along with us can make you realize the bountiful of essences these little beans are made of!

Beans are gone through a transition from a seed to powder by roasting and grinding and then brewed to make that perfect coffee at your table. COFFEE – is a household name in any corner of the world, synonymous with espressos, filter coffees, cappuccinos, and different variants.

The one who is obsessed with the brew understands

how its zest can transcend you into an enticing world.

Araku coffees also belong to the same tribe, where we have transformed our passion into a profession. The desire to take place in the coffee industry and be part of the brewing culture happened in the year 2001 with the foundation of Araku coffees in the Eastern Ghats of Southern India, Araku Valley.

Before we could test the home ground, we took a great leap to overseas and established ourselves in the French Capital, Paris. Just imagine the journey from the interiors of the southerner part of the country to the beautiful Paris. We are proud that after globalizing our organic methods of coffee plantations, zero intermediaries, and other techniques, now we are ready to brew the same story in our motherland.

With team members who carry the same craziness for the beans and its process, our journey is more of learning and unlearning rather than a business model.

Our passion and knowledge of the caffeine are served to you in different savors

that have a tinge of bitterness, cream, spice, aromas, flavors, and everything

a coffee lover would look out for.

These delights are brewing in Aroma coffees:

Signature – When sweet and spice are infused into your daily cup of Joe – lazy mornings sure will turn brighter, brushing its bold signature throughout your day.

Selection – Do you like your Coffee to have a hint of bitter and creamy relish to it? Selection is all about being strong with a tang of bitterness. That buttery taste combined with spices will surely straighten up the grumpiest moods.

Microclimate – The name itself says it all. It has a climate of its own, fruits and caramelized aroma that makes you want to have some more. The richness and smoothness will make it a quick favorite.

Early harvest – This is all about bringing in the first coffee cherries that are light-bodied with a strong scent. The intensity of this fruity and acidic essence sure will make you energized right away.

High altitude – Gives you an all-new high as the ripened coffee beans, lightly roasted and grounded to bring out their distinctive taste to your palate.

Grande reserve – Is a complex supply of citrus, spices, caramel, vanilla, all fermented together to give the intensity and fullness of a wholesome coffee.

Our connoisseurs of coffee art bring you tastes that meet every coffee lover’s craving. If you are unable to pick your favorite from one of our Aroma Coffee stores, add them to your cart through Amazon or buy from Q-mart.

Sip in and dive into a flavor land!

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